Playing your download on your computer

Once you've downloaded your slideshow to your computer, you can play the video using video playing software.

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There is an error when I try to watch my video on my computer. What can I do?
It is possible that you don't have the proper software on your computer to watch the video. Please try VLC mentioned below.
If it still doesn't play using VLC, the video may not have downloaded correctly. Please try downloading your slideshow again.

Why is the video I downloaded not the same as the one online?
If you made changes to your slideshow while we were preparing your download, the changes may not be reflected. Just contact us and we'll be glad to fix it up.

Why is it asking me to pay when I try to watch my video?
TripWow is completely free, but the video playing software on your computer may not be. You DO NOT need to pay anything to watch your slideshow on your computer. Try using VLC Video Player mentioned below.

VLC Video Player: An excellent, safe and free video player
We highly recommend downloading and installing VLC to watch your video:
It works on both Mac and Windows PC.

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